Rhythm Guitar Lessons

What You Will Learn

Whether you want the Texas swagger of Buddy, Billy or Stevie; the California funk of the Chilli Peppers or the full on take no prisoners Aussie rocker, then you are going to have to master rhythm guitar.

Funk, jazz, rock and metal all depend on creating solid dependable grooves. At the Australian Guitar Institute we teach you how to master the groove and get deep in the pocket.

Introduction to Harmony

You will learn an introduction to harmony as it is applied to the guitar fingerboard.

  • Learn to organize the neck into patterns
  • develop the ability to construct chords on the spot.
  • Major, minor, and seventh chords
  • taught in both open and movable shapes
  • and applied to standard rhythms and chord progressions
  • with typical accompaniment styles.


Applied Fingerboard Harmony

  • including harmonized major scales,
  • analysis of Roman-numeral based chord progressions,
  • and extended chords.


Skills Development

  • Chart reading
  • Development of both pick and finger-style techniques.

  • Development of chord construction skills
  • based on the five major-scale fingering patterns
  • as well as harmonized major scales
  • and modulating chord progressions.
  • Applications include funk rhythm patterns


Harmony, Style and Comping

Harmonized Scales Applied to Multiple String Sets

  • II-V-I progressions,
  • triplet rhythm studies,
  • double-stop applications,
  • rhythmic control exercises,
  • and accompaniment textures
  • ranging from full chords to single-note lines.


Write and Perform Rhythm Guitar in Different Styles

Writing and performing rhythm guitar parts in a variety of styles.

  • Concepts include voice leading on the fret board,
  • seventh-chord inversions,
  • and the use of sixteenth-note and triplet syncopation.


Improvistation and Style

Improvising and applying stylistically-appropriate rhythm parts through regular performance

  • Analysis of iconic recorded examples of rhythm guitar.

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