Reading Lessons for Guitarists

Reading Lessons for Guitarists

What You Will Learn

Reading Fundamentals

Develop the fundamentals of music reading in open position and the middle of the fretboard;.

  • including counting and reading basic rhythmic figures.
  • and rests in duple and triple meters .
  • as well as chart-reading symbols and terminology.


Key Signatures

Introduction to sharp and flat key signatures .

  • and non-diatonic notes in reading examples arranged up to twelfth position.


Neck Mastery

Additional reading studies in all regions of the neck,.

  • including chromatic,.
  • intervallic, .
  • and leading-tone studies .
  • and ensemble reading.



Chromatic studies in the fifth position.

  • concert-pitch transposition, .
  • and chart reading with emphasis on ensemble reading performance. .
  • Learn to read and count “cut time,” .
  • 3/4 meter, .
  • multiple-position examples, .
  • and syncopated rhythms.


Odd Meters

Learn to count and read in odd and changing meters,.

  • across string sets, .
  • and with expanded emphasis on multi-position melodies


Advanced Score Reading

Advanced score interpretation .

  • and sight-reading techniques are developed using iconic musical excerpts..
  • Emphasis on applying reading techniques to real-world sight-reading challenges.

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