Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Ready to be more than just a beginner?

Are you stuck on some part of your playing?

  • Did you play years ago and want to get back into it?
  • Do you just want to get serious about your playing?
  • Maybe you’ve been playing for a while and don't seem to be improving?

We’ve all been there. Once we’ve mastered the basics, we’re left with the question: “What should I learn next?”

Some players mistakenly think that after they’ve learned the fundamentals, they can go their own way and devote their playing time to learning Slash and rock songs from free tabs online.

While free online tabs and lessons are valuable, if you want to make real progress as a musician you'll need proper lessons from an experienced player and teacher.

Although you’ve learned all the common techniques and can play some basic songs, may not know what else is possible. I’ve had plenty of players come to me over the years with this same issue. They’re comfortable with their skills but they don’t know what to do next.

At the Australian Guitar Institute I can help you take your playing to the next level. Once you’re ready to get serious, I can provide you with the guidance and all the methods to advance your playing.


What You Will Learn...

When you reach intermediate level your guitar playing really comes alive. All those hours you spent as a beginner struggling with the basics are about to payoff. This is when you can start to step out and learn the styles music you want to play.


Extended Fundamentals

There are still fundamentals to cover, as any functional lessons you learned as a beginner now need expanding upon so you can continue to grow as a player. Now you begin to gain a deeper understanding of the instrument and it's possibilities.

While you’ll have already learned to play some basic open major and minor chords, when you come to play most modern songs you’ll need to make use of seventh chords, suspended chords plus several others. Most importantly, you’ll have to understand when and how to use them.


New Techniques

Of course you’ll learn some new techniques when you reach intermediate level. Things like bends, hammer-ons, pull-offs and slides make regular appearances in songs. It takes time and practice to master these techniques and incorporate them into your playing.


Essential Genres

Whatever your favourite style of music is, it is still essential to have an understanding of other music genres. Of course you should always learn blues and rock. Blues influences just about every style of music –jazz, rock, pop, bluegrass, country and more. So learning the blues will provide a solid foundation to your playing.  

Rock is almost just as necessary as blues, and most people learning guitar will want to play at least some rock. Of course, rock is also a essential component of subgenres such as punk, grunge and metal.

Jazz of course is always interesting and will have you thinking outside of the box. While country has a long and proud tradition of producing great pickers and players. And these are just some of teh styles we can explore.

At the intermediate level it's important to start exploring other styles of music that you may not have previously appreciated before. At this level you will start to…

  • Uncover styles you’ve never tried before (eg: Latin, Jazz, Funk, Country)
  • Learn to improvise and create solos in any Key
  • Discover how to use scales and modes to give your playing a unique sound
  • Use effects, apps, software and other tools in creative ways

Learn How to Play Lead Guitar, Jazz Chords, New, Music Theory, and More

To become any sort of competent player you’re going to need to enhance both your rhythm guitar and lead guitar technique.

In the intermediate stage you'll get introduced to guitar scales, some jazz chords, strumming patterns, bar chords (barre chords), and more.

You’ll learn some classic guitar songs with classic riffs like those played by Slash, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix to keep it fun and also to understand not only what they played, but why they played it like they did.

The tempo of learning will be set according to you and we’ll have you working on the steps that require focus in your playing.

Your regular one-to-one guitar lessons will be tailored to you and designed to overcome your playing challenges and get you playing the songs, rhythms, chord progressions, riffs, and solos you want.


Refine Your Skills

In your intermediate guitar lessons it's important that you don’t just sit there and learn songs or techniques. You'll learn how to think about guitar and break down the learning method so you can repeat it on your own.

The end goal is to give you the understanding of exactly what you need to do whenever you come up against a musical challenge. In the intermediate stage you will start to…

  • Develop high level technical skills
  • Master difficult songs and solos
  • Analyze songs and solos


There’s a lot more things I can teach you and it really depends on what you’re interested in. One of the great things about the guitar is that it’s so versatile and you can never stop learning.

There are so many different styles of music, ways of playing and sounds you can make that you will never feel like you don’t know what to do next.

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