Guitar Harmony and Theory Lessons

Musical Notation and Diatonic Structures

  • including rhythmic values,.
  • time signatures, .
  • natural minor scales and key signatures, .
  • harmonized minor scales.
  • diatonic seventh chords, and key centres.


Diatonic Variations

Learn variations on diatonic structures.

  • including pentatonic scales and blues, .
  • inverted, extended and non-standard chord types,.
  • chord symbols and modes.


Non-Diatonic Melody and Harmony

  • including variations in minor-key harmony .
  • and melody, modal interchange,.
  • secondary dominants, .
  • diatonic substitution and modulation.


Advanced Harmony Concepts

Learn advanced concepts in harmony,.

  • including altered scales and chords,.
  • symmetrical scales and chromatic harmony..


Scale and Chord Relationships

Learn to analyse scale/chord relationships .

  • understand non-diatonic progressions from the perspective of both the player and writer.


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