Ear Training for Guitarists

Introduction to Ear Training

What You Will Learn

An introduction to Ear Training as it applies to popular music.

Areas of focus include.

  • matching pitch,.
  • major scale melodies, .
  • and melodic intervals in the context of examples drawn from contemporary popular music.


Topics include.

  • meter and rhythm,.
  • eighth-note phrases, .
  • sight singing,.
  • transcribing melody and rhythm on the staff, .
  • harmonic intervals,.
  • triad qualities, .
  • and diatonic major chord progressions.


Key Recognition

Recognise and transcribe diatonic minor-key melodies and chord progressions.

  • Play sixteenth-note rhythmic phrases.
  • plus variations in minor-key melody and harmony.
  • Triplet rhythms, .
  • blues harmony and melody, .
  • seventh chords,.
  • secondary dominants, .
  • non-diatonic root movement .
  • and quality, inversions.


Advanced Transcription Skills

Applied transcription skills,.

  • including chart notation,.
  • rhythm charts,.
  • lead sheets.

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