Bass Lessons

Looking for Bass Lessons?

The Australian Guitar Institute is now offering bass lessons.

Call us on 0419 911 095 to learn more.

Learn all the skills and technique you need to become a capable and confident bass player.

You can choose bass lessons in most styles such as Pop, Rock, Funk, Blues, Country, Heavy Metal, Jazz.

As well as techniques include Walking Bass, Slap, and Finger Bass.

You’ll get a thorough understanding of music notation, bass tablature, rhythm, scales, modes and improvisation, and have fun doing it.

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, we’ll put together a tailored learning program for you.

You’ll get lessons that cater for your natural ability and individuality, and develop skills and technique through lessons and songs from your own choice of songs.

Get a Free Lesson

Get a free 30min lesson and review of what you need to learn to achieve your musical goals.

Beginner or advanced, 6 or 60. I’ll tailor a program just for you. Call me on:

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