Advanced Guitar Lessons

Looking for something a more challenging?

Advanced guitar lessons go beyond the basics and help you learn techniques to take your guitar skills to the next level.

If you are an advanced player, then we can give you some of the best coaching available.

Or if you’re an intermediate player want to take your playing to a far higher level, then I can tailor lessons to get you there.

I studied at the internationally acclaimed Musicians Institute in California, USA, and was taught by some of the best guitar players in the world.

I can pass all that knowledge and skill on to you to make sure you really want to stand out as a guitar player.

What You Need to Know...

The vast majority of guitar lessons and teachers are dedicated to beginners, they are, after all, the one’s that need it the most.

But what about guitarists who have mastered the intermediate guitar lessons and are prepared to advance to the last, and most important stage?

Advanced guitar lessons are not quite in the same demand as beginner guitar lessons, but they are becoming more prominent in a demanding industry that still needs to present new information and new challenges for advanced players.

It is not quite as easy to find reliable advanced guitar lesson teachers, though the demand is growing as more musicians become self-taught and rely on the World Wide Web for new information.

What Makes an Advanced Player?

When someone is at the “advanced” level of playing the assumption is that he or she can play the instrument at an expert, or advanced degree. It is difficult to place a number on how long it will take to reach the advanced level of playing because it varies largely from one guitarist to another.

Also how many hours you spend a week playing and how productive those practices are makes a huge difference.

As an advanced guitarist you should have an expert understanding on the basics of playing guitar.

You should have a number of scales and chords available to use at your disposal, be able to play intermediate to advance techniques like arpeggios and finger-style and know how to play a number of songs, etc, etc.

In short, advanced guitar lessons generally expand on topics you already explored in beginner and intermediate lessons.

You’ll learn new scales, new techniques, and new playing styles that will eventually be of use when you begin recording original material or playing music live.


Your Final Guitar Chapter

Advanced guitar lessons are usually dedicated to a specific genre or style of playing. As a result, advanced guitar lessons are the final chapter in your learning experience, a rewarding step that has moved you from novice guitarist to a highly focused musician with a strong direction of where you want to go next.

Perhaps you are a finger-style singer-songwriter with strong roots in the bluegrass and country scene. Or, maybe, you are the next metal-head with star-studded solos. The advanced level is not so much about learning the guitar, but learning the style that fits your individual tastes in music as well as the musician you want to eventually become.


Tips for Advanced Success

Just like any of the other steps in the progression, you should never rush to the advanced level of playing nor should you take up advanced guitar lessons for a couple of months and then ignore it altogether.

You are never too old to learn, and advanced guitar lessons are something that you can take up from time to time when your practice routine gets dry and you are in need of a new challenge.

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